"People are always asking me 'How is it that firefighters run into a burning building, when everyone else is running out.' Courage is the answer." - John Travolta (Ladder 49)

Listed below are the current active members of the Hamden Volunteer Fire Department

Name Rank Serving Since
Jim Beckner Chief November 1968
Susan Jayjohn Lieutenant June 1976
Rex Phillips Captain April 1985
Jayson Potts Firefighter December 2004
Bill Tolbert Jr. Lieutenant May 2014
Gary Davis Firefighter April 1987
David Jayjohn Jr. Firefighter November 1989
Burl Napper Firefighter November 1989
Mike Woodruff Firefighter July 1996
Hillary Saunders Firefighter November 2003
Donna Hawse Firefighter October 2009
Michelle Miller Firefighter October 2009
Radonna Worrix Firefighter October 2009
Matt Jolly Firefighter October 2009
Jamie Phillips Firefighter October 2009
Kevin Dutcher Firefighter October 2011
John Mankin Firefighter April 2012
Rod Hayes Firefighter September 2013
Kyle Hagen Firefighter May 2014
Denise Seymour Firefighter June 2014
Larry Jayjohn Firefighter May 2015
Steve Henson Firefighter August 2015
Aaron Hagen Firefighter April 2016
Austin Wright Firefighter April 2016
Taylor Post Firefighter May 2016
Joe Hagen Firefighter September 2016
Abigail Tolbert Firefighter October 2016