The Hamden Firefighters Association Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides financial support to the Hamden Volunteer Fire Department through a weekly bingo game held every Thursday night at the Hamden Firefighters Community Building located on Railroad Avenue in Hamden, Ohio.

Officers of the Association for 2017 are:

Jamie Phillips- President

Bill Tolbert - Vice President

Radonna Worrix - Secretary

Rod Hayes - Treasurer

Pictured below is the Hamden Firefighters Community Building which is owned by the Association and was built with funds raised by the Association in order to have a place to hold the weekly bingo games and other community events.

The Association also rents the building to individuals and groups. Information about renting the building can be obtained by calling (740) 384-0080.

The building is 5000 square feet with a complete kitchen and table and chairs that will seat over 200 people comfortably, it is air conditioned and also contains a state of the art smoke removal system. 

Hamden Firefighters Community Building